Mental and Behavioral Health Services Mint Hill Mecklenburg NC

We at Solari deal with all your mental health issues Mint Hill Mecklenburg NC to give you a better insight into life. We handle your mental health problems that eventually disturb your peace and make it difficult for you to manage your everyday tasks. Our services will help you get back to normal life within no time

Anxiety Management Services in Mint Hill NC

Are you tired of constantly dealing with your anxious heart, and want to lead a life with calmness and tranquillity? Choose us to get the best anxiety management services to calm down the nervous system and give you a breath of peacefulness.

Suboxone Treatment in Mint Hill NC

Are you dealing with drug abuse that has disturbed the peace of your life? With our team at Solari, we help overcome drug opioid addiction with counseling and behavioral therapy for a complete approach towards recovery.

Psychotherapy Treatment in Mint Hill NC

Constantly trying to deal with the obstacles of your life can damage your mental health and make it difficult to live. With our psychotherapy, we give you a customized strategy with our skilled therapist who is committed to ensuring you live life with great quality and resilience.


Solari is a mental health platform that offers help to patients dealing with anxiety disorders, psychotherapy, and substance abuse. We offer professional help to let you overcome whatever triggers or paint points that disturbs your mental peace.

What therapy techniques do you use in psychotherapy?

We incorporate evidence-based therapy techniques for the well-being of patients.

How does the team manage anxiety patients?

We manage anxiety patients with resilience building and by teaching them coping mechanisms.

What is suboxone treatment?

It is a medication-assisted treatment program that uses suboxone medicines to overcome their drug addiction.

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