Mental and Behavioral Health Services Davidson Mecklenburg NC

At Solari Mental and Behavioural Health Services in Davidson Mecklenburg NC , we handle your mental chaos and offer therapeutic help to achieve the ultimate peace of mind. We meet your tailored needs in the form of emotional support and community building for your ultimate well-being.

Suboxone Treatment/Substance Abuse in Davidson NC

We offer mental support to people suffering from substance abuse. We cater to their mental health with extended support to provide the patients with complete wellness.

Behavioural Health Therapy in Davidson NC

To protect the patients from self-harming habits and point out their problematic behavior, we offer behavioral health support for a variety of mental health issues. Our team is unique in terms of code and conduct to give patients the best result.

Counselling in Davidson NC

With our counseling services patients get customized empathetic advice for their emotional and psychological well-being. Our team understands your mental problems and designs counseling plans accordingly.


At Solari, we offer custom mental health treatment plans using updated knowledge and a deep understanding of your mental conditions. You can trust us for our services that perfectly align with your needs.


How is your counseling service different from others?

We offer customer-centric services in the form of a licensed therapist who will listen and resolve your problems.

How do you take behavioral therapy forward?

We take it forward by improving the quality of your life with constructive transformation instead of focusing on the symptoms. 

Do you deal with Substance abuse patients?

Yes, we offer suboxone treatment therapy to manage substance abuse patients. 

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